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Performer series, water cooled, max 2400/4800A

Pulse reverse / DC power supply, 1 output.

  • Complex waveforms with up to 16 current levels
  • Double interface: RS-232 / RS-485 / PROFIBUS (Optional)
  • Possibility to store microbatches
  • Possibility to store up to 50 waveforms
  • Runs stand-alone, without a PC needed. (Microbatches run inside supply)
  • Ah counter / Ah timer available
  • High current accuracy (<±1% at full scale, calibrated)
  • Fast control loop settling time (<1s)
  • Fast rise and fall times
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Water cooling
  • IP54 enclosure
  • Ambient temperature: Max 40°C
  • Any mains input voltage possible: 400V/480V/230V/...


  A1D 600/1200 LV20 G3 A1D 900/1800 LV20 G3 A1D 1200/2400 LV20 G3 A1D 1500/3000 LV20 G3 A1D 1800/3600 LV20 G3 A1D 2400/4800 LV20 G3
No. of outputs 1 1 1 1 1 1
Max forward current per output 600A 900A 1200A 1500A 1800A 2400A
Max reverse current per output 1200A 1800A 2400A 3000A 3600A 4800A
Output voltage at rated current 20V 20V 20V 20V 20V 20V
Max output voltage 20V 20V 20V 20V 20V 20V
Output power per output 16kW 18kW 24kW 30kW 36kW 48kW
Cabinet size Performer-N Performer-N Performer-N Performer-N Performer-N Performer-L
Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm 600x800x2100 600x800x2100 600x800x2100 600x800x2100 600x800x2100 800x800x2100
Weight (approx.) 400kg 420kg 460kg 500kg 550kg 590kg

Custom supply types are available on request.

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