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PSP Alpha Bench Cases with MFD

alpha L + XL with MFD 1,5/3 kW - max. 150/600 A Bench case

Standard Bench case

Inclusive option Multi-Function-Display (MFD), indicator light and optional PC interface, cooling with air quantity control in relation to load.


Bench Case Alpha XL with MFD and indicator light

Power: 15 V / 200 A (other sizes also possible)
Dimensions (WxDxH) in mm: 537x450x187
Weight: 23 kg


Technical features

  • ramp run-up
  • password protection for parametrizing level
  • individual activation of Ah-counters
  • free relay outputs (such as messages, dosage)
  • pole changing program (anodic and cathodic)
  • Automatic set point adjustment after power mains recurrence
  • Digital rated value presettings for current and voltage
  • Display for control mode
  • Easy adjustable Ah (min) (sec) - counter
  • Easy adjustable Ah (min) (sec) - counter for dosage puposes
  • 2 adjustable timer functions


  1. V-Pilot: process voltage supervision (short-circuit, no-load running)
  2. Pulse generator: 4-segments pulse function
  3. PC interface: RS232 or RS485
  4. VPC Software: PC software

Via the optional PC interface rectifiers disposing MFD function can be controlled by a PC. Process management and documentation is possible directly via PC from the foreman's office. The special PC software VPC (Visual Plating Controller) opens up new options to increase efficiency and quality control.

mfd manual mode
Manual mode with direct setpoint setting

Complex program controls for automatic process management can be set and activated easily via mouse pointer.

mfd manual mode
Screenshot shows a 9-stage program to control the rectifier


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