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VPC - Visual Plating Controller

Windows based software package for programming, monitoring and control of various rectifier systems.

Compatible with:

  • AxD G3 systems
  • AxD systems
  • DC rectifier systems equipped with MFD controller


  • Full control of all supply parameters
  • Both graphical or manual editting of waveforms
  • Batch programming
  • Datalogging
  • Monitor function with integrated scope function
  • Support for 'Current Density' mode
  • Control up to 32 supplies simultaneously
  • Special 'Operator window' for easy control
  • Demo mode
  • Extensive help files and manuals
  • Multilingual


Waveform editing

Waveform editing
Program up to 16 segments and 16 current levels. Both graphical and manual editing.

MicroBatch control

Microbatch editting
Create microbatches with max 50 waveforms.

Operator window

Microbatch editting

  • Full Screen Display
  • Easy recipe re-call
  • Monitoring of actual values
  • Run/stop/reset controls
  • Password protected

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